Wound Healing

Sinclair has performed dermal wound healing studies in miniature swine models for many years; other species are available for wound studies as well. Resident experts provide guidance to our wound healing program.

As one of the largest nonclinical CROs in North America, Sinclair Research’s scientific and technical expertise can provide you with the wound-healing research services you need, the data you expect, and the customer experience you deserve! Contact our team to discuss your upcoming research and meet with our scientific experts to discuss how to reach your next development milestone.

Our wound-healing research services include:

We offer wound healing studies with a wide variety of dermal wound sizes, shapes, depths, and designs including:

  • Incisional
  • Excisional – full thickness or partial thickness
  • Ischemic wound
  • Burn wound
  • Delayed wound healing studies in diabetic miniature swine
  • Classic wound healing endpoints in miniature swine models
  • Digital measurement of serial wound areas
  • 3D photography for wound depth and volume
  • Histopathology evaluation of re-epithelialization
  • Large definitive GLP and small pilot studies

We ensure that study designs are humane and include analgesic use.


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