Sinclair Research provides a wide range of nonclinical toxicology services (GLP and non-GLP) to support the clinical development of your therapeutic.  We have experience with the standard laboratory species (rats, mice, dogs, monkeys, and minipig) as well as rabbits, hamsters, and other species.  We are experienced in handling small molecules, peptides, antibodies, proteins, antibody drug conjugates, and viral vectors that are being developed for indications from oncology to neuroscience to animal health with deep expertise in dermal toxicology and regulatory expectations for development of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals. Our technicians are experienced using most routes of administration (with the exception of inhalation). Sinclair has board certified toxicologists on staff to help you determine the best nonclinical program for your therapeutic and ensuring it meets regulatory expectations.  


Toxicology Services

  • Non-GLP
    • Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD) studies
    • Dose Range Finding (DRF) studies
  • GLP studies
    • Sub-chronic and chronic toxicity (2 week to 52 week)
    • Specialty toxicology, including ocular, bone, juvenile, and phototoxicity
  • Miniature swine specialty studies
    • Repeat-dose dermal irritation and dermal toxicology
    • Phototoxicity
  • Other studies
    • Target animal safety (TAS) studies
    • FDA Redbook feeding trials

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