Sinclair Research specializes in conducting pharmacology and pharmacokinetics (PK studies), especially in miniature swine:

  • Our resident scientists are experts in conducting in-life PK studies
  • We utilize outside experts for analytical, kinetic, and PK statistical analyses and modeling phases
  • PK studies are offered on many species of animals; we routinely perform NHP, canine, feline, miniature swine, rabbit, and rodent PK studies
  • Global protocols are designed to facilitate rapid testing of multiple formulations, isomers, or analogues
  • On average, we test over 100 compounds per week, including small and large molecules, synthetic drugs, new chemical entities (NCEs), biologics, and antibodies

Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics

Services offered include:

  • Plasma drug profiles following any route of administration
  • Dynamic change in blood glucose or other biochemical or physiological parameters
  • Global dog, NHP, and pig protocols, compounds, or formulations tested weekly for timely feedback
  • Specialized PK studies for bridging active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) compounds
  • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drug levels

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