AALAS 69th Annual Meeting

Please connect with us on LinkedIn. Below are the representatives from Sinclair Research that attended:


Guy Bouchard President & CEO
Derek Brocksmith General Manager, Bio Resources
Vikki Wehmeier Client Service Specialist, Bio Resources
Tom O’Toole Senior Director of Compliance

Back to the Basics: Practical Biomethodology for Miniature Swine Users

Monday, October 29, 2018
Balroom II


Guy Bouchard Stress-Free Blood Collection and Common Vascular Access
Michael Swindle Surgery, Anesthesia, and Common Peri/Postoperative Complications
Paul Sherman Miniature Swine as a Model for Human Brain Development
Derek Brocksmith Grade School Training: Behavior Enhancement to Improve Animal Handling and Welfare
Guy Bouchard & Derek Brocksmith Miniature Swine Lineages for Toxicology and Pharmacology


October 28-November 1, 2018

Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD