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Dr. Scott E. Boley, PhD, DABT

Sinclair Research adds Safety Pharmacology Services with CorDynamics partnership

Sinclair Research acquires the GLP Safety Pharmacology business unit from CorDynamics and launches strategic partnership!

Partnering with Clients to Bring Safe & Effective Medical Therapies and Devices to Market

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality research services for pharmaceutical, medical device and animal health industries.

General & Specialty Toxicology: Dedicated to Supplying GLP-Compliant Preclinical Toxicology Services

Sinclair Research provides GLP-compliant general and specialized multi-species nonclinical toxicology assessment in our facility.

Animal Models & Pharmacology: Developing Preclinical Animal Models

Sinclair Research is an expert in surgical and pharmacological large animal models of human diseases, including the diabetic model in miniature swine.

Animal Health: Continually Participating in Product Development Benefitting Animal Health

Sinclair Research provides services for efficacy studies, target animal safety and bioequivalence.
Sinclair Research’s Response
to COVID-19 Pandemic


Pharmaceutical Development

Providing PK, efficacy, and GLP and non-GLP toxicology research to drug developers.Learn More

Animal Health

Providing target animal safety and companion animal safety studies to veterinary product developers.Learn More

Medical Device

Providing GLP efficacy and safety studies to novel medical device and combination product developers.Learn More

Bio Resources

Providing quality miniature swine, animal models, training and support services to researchers.Learn More



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